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About Andi

Physical, emotional and spiritual connection is so important to us all, and something we lack in the technology driven world we now live in. Through Reiki and Life Coaching I hope to change a small corner of the world by helping you too to reconnect with your body's true potential and rediscover your life purpose. I believe in compassion, openness and honesty. I believe everyone is on a journey to create their best self. I believe we are here to learn, grow, and foster the growth of the next generation. 

I am Andi Bowers, owner of Butterfly Bridge Wellness Center. I am a certified Reiki Master of the Usui lineage and a Transformational Life Coach passionate about bringing positive transformation into the lives of others!

After obtaining degrees in Physics, Astronomy and Engineering and many years working in business and technology, becoming a mom changed my life and my perspective. Then, upon experiencing a miscarriage, a NICU stay with premature twins and the illness and subsequent loss of my second child, my perspective was turned on its head as I contemplated how I wanted to spend my own life as an example to my children... and it was not in the technical business world. In my heart and soul I knew I wanted to help people and connect with other moms. Reiki had been, and continues to be, an amazing tool for my own journey through motherhood, trauma and grief and I want to share this gift with others. From this passion, Butterfly Bridge Wellness Center was born. 

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~A Note on Grief Work~

I specifically find gratification working with other moms on their journey through grief. As humans we experience all kinds of grief, and I would be honored to help you work through yours as we share our stories. I am open about my own experiences in the hopes that some aspects of my story will comfort or inspire others. I have found that just talking with someone who has "been there" is comforting, and freeing. Prematurity... NICU... miscarriage... infant loss... finding others to connect with who share these life experiences can be difficult but it is as important as fining another new parent to swap infant stories and concerns. Now, my grief and experiences are not yours, but perhaps I can help you find a way to navigate yours. Each person's grief is their own, and it is real and important, no matter whether it's the grief of loosing your own identity to your children, of letting go of the dreams you may have had for yourself or your child after a diagnosis, or dealing with death. We each walk our own path but perhaps I can help you see things in a different light, or from a different angle. Perhaps I can hold your hand in a dark hour. We will never be "cured" of our grief, but we can work through it becoming stronger and finally able to move forward with love and peace.